Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some frequently asked questions which may assist you prior to making contact with us.

What’s the cost?
The cost to design the website is £299, a one-off payment. You’ll then need our annual hosting for your website and email at £99 per year.

Design wise, what’s offered with the website?
The website will include many standard pages that are associated with restaurant websites (eg. Bookings, Menu, Location and Contact) and you can add other pages as needed (eg Private bookings, Photo gallery). The website will be built on the WordPress platform so you’ll be able to login and edit or update pages and news posts but better still you’ll have full functionality in place to manage your menu and bookings. If required we can also add a photo gallery application, all included for free too.

I already have web hosting. Can I take advantage of your website package?
Sadly we can’t offer this design package unless your website is hosted with us. Only by offering the hosting as part of the package can we drive down the development costs of the website. It’s not to say we can’t design your website for you, it’s just the price will be a lot higher than offered here.

What booking systems are available as standard
We recommend using the Restaurant Reservations plugin which offers you a fully functional tool to allow customers to book a table with you and is included on all websites.

If you want a more basic booking booking system that ONLY sends you an email alert with the booking details we can set this up for you too.

Can I use 3rd party booking systems?
Yes. We currently have many customers who use Res Diary, Favourite Table and Bookatable. These can be easily integrated onto your website.

I’ve created my menu in Word. How can I provide a PDF?
There’s a FREE PDF converter service which makes converting Word documents to PDFs very easy. Simply send us the PDF menu and we can upload any amends for free of charge.